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Ag, Idaho OLESI 4

Alan G., Mine Exploration Engineer, with Olesi 4 Sample Crusher in N. Idaho. I was looking for a small crusher to test garnet rock from property in SW Montana. I tried several 4x6 jaw crushers, but found with a slight adjustment to make a larger product, the Olesi 4 is perfect for his testing work. It is lighter than the other jaws. I can easily transport it by hand to the field. It runs on either 12volt for field work or 120 volt for work at home. It out produces other jaws I've tried because the orbital function allows it to crush on both sides, instead of just one side on each stroke. With positive test results, I will submit a bid to Garnet Brothers to upgrade to the Olesi 8 or 12 and start commercially producing garnet products for them. Thank you Jason!

Olesi4 Crusher Collage (2).tif

Terry CA,    DC24 OLESI 8

The Olesi 8 is one of my best purchase for hard rock mining .


I’ve owned it for almost a year now and have pushed it Beyond it’s limits with no problems. On December 6 2019 I took approximately 500 pounds of rocks sizes from 3 inch up to 10 inches and was able to crush it in 22 minutes down to 3/8 minus 1.5 tons a hour

“ would have been quicker if I was closer to the crusher”.

I did noticed the larger rocks crush easier with other material added.


Next was my 24 inch dream crusher the 3/8 material ran threw it easily.


As the operation grows not sure if I’ll get a 12 inch olesi next or a 48 inch dream crusher with PTO . Nice to have options.


Great customer service from Jason.



Thanks for getting your machine to me so quickly. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for the first few days. But I will tell you your little crusher "Kicks Ass".  Way better than any mini lab jaw crusher.

Thanks again! 




E-bay testimonials and reviews.

"This crusher is amazing out of the box. Best hard rock product in years. I am crushing 3 buckets or 300 pounds per hour to 1/4 inch. Good way to get in the hard rock game. Youtube videos coming"

Excellent Product! Set up ready to go out the Box. Lightning Fast Shipping! A+++

This crusher is awesome. Better then a regular jaw crusher

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