OLESI 4 Sample crusher, available in 110v household or head unit only, no motor. Perfect for labratory sample crushing or high grade production and process evaluation. Comes with everthing you need to crush except the bucket, just apply power and go. 

Now better than ever, the OLESI 4 has been upgraded with new features including discharge size adjust-ability and integrated grizzly screen built into the feed hopper. Grizzly screening simplifies multiple passes of material through the machine, fine material is automatically diverted passed the crusher and into the discharge saving time as well as wear on the machine. The discharge gap is adjustable from 1/8" up to 1/2", On the finest setting you can expect aprox. 80% passing 30 mesh similar to material produced from an impact mill but with almost no dust and your material is easily captured in a bucket. Unlike an impact mill, you will not have to tear the machine apart to clean when changing samples or instances of cross contamination concerns. This machine stays clean and clears the entire sample on completion. Impact mills constantly need replacement hammers but the OLESI 4 will run several hundred tons before needing any wear part replacements
If your are looking to produce larger material, the OLESI 4 discharge gap can be opened to 1/2", on this setting the machine can handle hard materials at a rate over 300 PPH. Excellent for the crystal and glass crusher's out there.
This mighty little jaw crusher is perfect for in site testing, weighing only 65lbs, it can easily be transported anywhere, but don't let the size fool you, This machine exceeds the capabilities of a typical 4" 500lb Jaw crusher both in crush rate and durability. We back our machine with a one year warranty, even on wear parts, so you can be assured it will stand up to your sampling needs and everyday use. Available in 110v AC or with no motor if you have your own. This machine is also equipped with a 3/4" hex power input point on the main shaft. It performs quite well when driven buy a 1/2" drill. This machine is based on the OLESI 8 Orbital crusher also available from Goldbelt Global if you production need are greater. See my other listing. 


Throat size     2.75" x 4"

Motor            1 hp

Discharge      1/8" to 1/2" adjustable

Weight           65lbs

Power            110v AC or 12v DC

Crush Rate     300 to 500 PPH

Warranty         6 months



OLESI 4 Sample Crusher

  • Returns, are excepted for 30 days so long as the machine has not been used for production. buyer pays return shipping. 

    Warranty is limitted to parts not designed to wear.