GBG equipment turN YOUR prospecting dreams into mining reality

Every GBG machine provides the reliability and performance you can count on to get results.

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Brand new!! from goldbelt global the Olesi 4 sample crusher

The OLESI 4 bucket sample crusher is the perfect prosecuting tool, Light weight (65lbs) and portable. Available in 12v DC for battery operation, or standard 110v wall outlet. Both motors are identical in size so swamping out motors after purchase to obtain a different voltage is a simple bolt on modification. Feed throat is 3" x 3.5" material grind size is adjustable down to 3/16" minus. The OLESI 4 is 1hp. Comes as seen ready to crush minus the bucket.  This machine will outperform many jaw crushers weighing over 600 lbs. The OLESI 4 has only one moving component making it very reliable and easy to maintain. All components are bolt on, now welds to crack and break. Made right here in America so you can always count on us for customer support and parts. 

DC24 Impact Crusher

For fine grinding, the dc 24 is the most versatile Impact crusher on the market. Wet operation provides clean dust free environment. With the standard built in screening system you can assure your material will be ready for concentrators with no need for addition classification. Available in Gas or Electric, this is a true production machine designed for nonstop operation.

OLESI 8 Orbital Jaw Crusher

A production grade primary crusher capable of reducing 8 " rocks to 1/2" minus at around 1500lbs per hour this machine is a joy to operate. It is so durable it can even chew up a few 3/4" bolts without a hick-up. Mated with the DC24 you have a small production plant that can produce material ready for concentrators.

Would it Work If We had a Better Machine? 

GoldBElt Global

Investigating any material to determine if it has the value needed for profitable production scale processing can sometimes take months of tedious examination before a satisfying answer is achieved. Most junior mining companies that fail, fail as a result of exhaustion rather than a lack of profitable material to work with. There are countless variables that will determine if a process will make money. GBG's goal is to eliminate one of those variables so you never have to ask yourself, maybe if we had a better machine?

How Much Will it Cost

Tired of spending weeks emailing back and forth with some sales person when all you want to know is, what is the price and how much are parts? At GBG we publish all prices up front and you can buy your parts right on our website. We keep parts in stock so you don't have to shut down your operation.

How Long Will it Take?

At GBG we do our best to keep machines in stock and ready to ship. With no long lead times you won't have to risk putting 50% upfront while you wait for your machine to arrive, usually weeks after promised.

But that does not mean we are not willing to work with you to provide custom equipment to your specification. If you have special requirements for your machine, it may take a little longer but we are here to help make sure you get the right machine.